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Lionel Belmondo

Lionel Belmondo

Belmondo Family Sextet

Childhood memories never completely disappear. Sometimes they stay deep in one’s mind, fantasized by the ones, forgotten by the others, but always shared with emotion by all the family members when they are gathered.

Stéphane and Lionel  Belmondo have been listening to their father’s music from their early age. Then, all their memories make them think about the countless LPs from that time, and the mood of the first shows of their family. Emotion and passion remain the same.

After a 30-year-long career which led them everywhere in the world, they are going back to their roots, to Solliès-Toucas, the little city where they have grown. They are joining their father Yvan for a swinging tribute to all musicians who were important for them.

The songbook (chosen by Yvan and rearranged by Lionel), is not only performed, but also totally renewed, and lead us in a timeless journey to some famous jazzmen from the last century.

From the Californian coasts to the wild Mediterranean banks, it is like there is only one step for the Belmondo’s.

“Mediterranean Sound” will be released on Discograph / Harmonia Mundi in October 2013.