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Jazz at the opening of the Nuits d’Istres

Place for jazz, Monday evening, to launch the Nuits d’Istres with Avishai Cohen, in the middle of a tour that will take the trio through all the major festivals in Europe before leaving for a series of fifteen concerts at the New York Blue Note Jazz.

Accompanied on the piano by Elchin Shirinov and on the drums by his faithful Roni Kaspi, the double bass player has seduced an informed public and connoisseur of this musical style. For an hour and a half, he charmed the 600 spectators of Grignan.

No surprise as for the setlist, it is essentially titles from their latest album Shifting Sands that the trio presented by starting the concert with Window. Davsha, Videogame, Hitgarut and the essential Cah cha rom will follow at the end of the concert, not without having played a few pieces of Seven seas, popularized by the movie Le sens de la fête.

Avishai, who sometimes seems to have a one-on-one dialogue with his instrument, offers a fairly classic jazz that speaks to the public. It will nevertheless be necessary to wait for the encore and the final title of the evening, the only sung, so that the public, encouraged by the double bass player, descends into the pit and sketches a few dance steps.

On the program of Nuits d’Istres, this evening, funk with Earth Wind and Fire, which will give way the next day to the Australian Pink Floyd show. Saturday, July 9, Sofiane Pamart at the piano will delight the public while Sunday evening, it is Louane who will close this edition of Nuits d’Istres.

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