APKÁ! It’s the joyful cry of a happy child, the one that Antonino utters when he is happy with what happens to him. Antonino is the youngest son of Céu and his partner Pupillo, a renowned drummer and co-producer (Naçao Zumbi, Gal Costa, Edgar) with the Frenchman Hervé Salters (General Elektriks) of the fifth album of the fascinating singer from São Paulo.

Daughter of a musician, Maria do Céu Whitaker Poças has passed with brilliance and elegance all the stages: learning musical theory and the Brazilian nylon string guitar violão, impregnation of popular music. As a teenager, she sang carnival marchinhas on stage, then devoted herself to building her own universe. Album after album, all nominated for Latin Grammy Awards, the album Tropix even received 2 Latin Grammy Awards, she refines her singing, her compositions and her character of elegant and inventive diva of the contemporary MPB.

As far as elegance and inventiveness are concerned, Apka! is no mean feat. Céu is surrounded by an impeccable team. Hervé Salters on keyboards, Pedro Sa (Lenine, Caetano Veloso) on guitar, Pupillo on drumsticks and Lucas Martins on bass (Curumin, Lucas, Santanna or Herbie Hancock) who also welcomed Céu on his album The Imagine Project.

Precision, expressiveness and bursts of intuition shine on each track. Charming, mutinous, master of mutant funk and extraterrestrial rock, Céu seems to change character with each new track with a confounding science of nuance. If her writing is at its zenith, she has also been offered two songs by master goldsmiths. One is Dinho Almeida who is in full rise in the Brazilian musical landscape at the command of his group Boogarins and his “Make Sure Your Head is Above” is a masterpiece of burning and nevertheless aerial ballad where the guitar of the inescapable Marc Ribot plunges above the clouds. The other is the immense Caetano Veloso who chiseled Pardo where the famous bass voice of Séu Jorge hums a sensual incantation. Another exceptional guest on Off (Sad Siri) where the most Congolese of Paulist singers Leonardo Matumona, plays the angels in the chorus. Beach after beach, musical summit after musical summit Apka! insinuates itself in us as an essential record for all music lovers.

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